Hi! Here we are:

Sveta and Ann @_sweest_ & @anuta_f
It was long time ago, actually we don’t remember when in exactly but we were sitting at the old Windows 95 at the University – the name does really matters, spending the entire academic hour for looking for an ideal position of anything with one pixel in difference: it was that time when the first sympthons of perfectionism we are fighting today began to attack. We are keen on web-design, illustration, branding and all other things (we do not know the limit of ourselves). When the life says so we are creating photoscripts, animation and even presentations and resizing just because we have no way out. We try to do everything well but only in case the client doesn’t have time for us to make it ideal.

And this picture shows a friend saving a life of a friend… But it’s quite another story.

We do

Design & Graphic

  • Branding & identity
  • Book & Album Covers
  • Packaging Design
  • Print
  • Posters


  • Digital Strategy
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Web Development
  • (Promo pages, online stores,
    corporate sites … )


  • Vector
  • Raster
  • Characters creation
  • Watercolor
  • Graphics (pencil sketches, ink, liners, pen)