There are lots of things around that have nothing to do with money and we share this point of view.
Antistatic is a young charity project helping children from poor and difficult families to touch the world of extreme sports.



We could not help us staying aside without bringing our humble contribution into development of this project. The sign was chosen quickly. Then we started to search for a font coherently complementing the sign. We came across a suitable Latin font but the main difficulty we encountered was to adapt Latin version for Russian market with a different number of signs. We coped with this task, however, and both Russian and Latin logos have the same width.The developed logo is used for various goods, such as stickers and wrists. The main attention shall be drawn to the logo on T-shirts. ANTISTATIC team is trying to make the world a bit kinder and is wishing you the same.
Photo credit: Alexey Matorin.

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