Belong — a brand releasing street clothes and customized boards and a pair of boring phrases about how great we are and how much we’ve done: “We performed the concept design, naming, packing, textures, we created and brought about illustrations on boards, prints on T-shirts, drawn graffito on the walls. «By trial and error we succeed in transferring the graffito style to clothes and elements of brand style preserving vividness of paint, inks and balloons…» Ups, it’s far from being our style. Frankly speaking it was diploma project and we wanted to do the thing we were really found of. And it turned out that we had a fancy for undaunted beard hobo and old cars seeing lot in their life. Scandinavia, we are missing you!


Development of size labels, drawing of clothes-care signs.





Silk-screening, selective lacquering, thermal lift.







Some of the work fan and vandalism.




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