Calendar «Detech» 2017

2017 was declared the year of the reserve in Russia. “Detech” company offered to make
a gift calendar with watercolor illustrations of thirteen reserves (12 months + one cover).
Anya say: “Orders for watercolor illustrations do not often come, especially for such close themes.
It is one of my favorite projects. It took about a month and I enjoyed every day of work.  

The calendar briefly present 12 nature reserves: the Barguzin reserve, Great Arctic reserve, Kuznetsky Alatau, Lena Pillars, Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Altai Nature Reserve, Far Eastern Marine Reserve, Baikal, Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, Vasyuganskoye marshes, the Sayano-Shushenskaya Biosphere Reserve, Lapland Reserve.


There are illustrations devoted to the Caucasian Reserve on the front and back covers.


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