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AS.crew is a creative team that’s passionate about UI/UX design, digital art, branding, mobile and web development and graphic design.

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(since 2009)
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We're Sveta and Anna, the creative minds behind this studio. We make sure to manage tasks well, meet deadlines, and stay creative. We use our different experiences to come up with new ideas that fit exactly what you need.

We are very sensitive to visual details, color schemes, and typography. We are keen on UI/UX design, illustration, branding, and product design. But we also enjoy developing ourselves in fields like photography, social media design and involve them in our projects.


An experienced product designer specializing in UI/UX, she effortlessly crafts intuitive interfaces for websites and mobile devices. Detail-oriented and pixel-perfect, she excels in designing with a user-centric focus.

Her expertise extends to email campaigns, social media content, branding, and graphic design, ensuring cohesive and engaging experiences across all touchpoints.


Anna embodies creative chaos — a versatile artist proficient in classical painting, vibrant graffiti, and even tattoo artistry in her spare time. Anna's artistic intuition and unconventional thinking inject a unique perspective into our projects, ensuring they stand out from the crowd.


We are based in Lakeland, FL. We create, design, do research, we develop… but first we care! We care about every aspect of our work, starting from developing a brand design strategy, to every tiny design element in our projects. We struggle for a sense of self-satisfaction from our work and help brands share their unique stories with the customers.


2 × honorable mention